Tuesday, November 22, 2011


What is Christmas without some chocolate!  I tend to buy most of mine but I do have a couple of things that I make.

Chocolate House 1

First being a Chocolate House!  (Excuse the bad picture, this is from last year I didn’t have any that were better.  I won’t be making this until closer to Christmas and I will be giving it to my dayhome’s family.)  My kids are a bit too little still for something like this…they climb the walls without chocolate so this would put ME over the edge!  Haha

To do this I have some molds and once all the pieces have been made I assemble it, sticking it together with melted chocolate.  Then go to town decorating it with candies and chocolate (using chocolate as the glue)…use white chocolate to make the snow.  Pretty soon I will let my munchkins decorate one for the family…I remember doing it when I was little and loved it!

I am also going to make chocolate turtles, lots of people make these, BUT mine actually look like turtles!  I have 2 sizes of molds that I use to make them and they are also my favorites.  I fill the molds with chocolate until they are coated, then let it set.  Once it is set I place some caramel sauce in them and top them with Walnuts and finish with a layer of chocolate and then freeze them.  Yummy, can’t wait to make them later this week.

turtle molds

For the caramel sauce I use Sweeten Condensed Milk (a lot of people don’t know you can do this…it is yummy and stays soft).  In the past I have boiled it in a pot for several hours and then let it sit in the hot water over night…usually it works out but not always.  I happen to see a tip on Pinterest (I have it pinned under Christmas stuff) that said to put it in a slow cooker for like 8 hours on low and then place in the fridge overnight before opening it…I am going to try that out this year and see if it works.

Caramel sauce

One day I will attempt other chocolates but that is my limit right now with little kids hanging off me.  What family tradition chocolates do you have?  I would love to hear as I love trying new ideas!

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