Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Munchkin #1's Birthday

It was a busy weekend for the S family!  It was my eldest's 3rd birthday and Father's Day! 

We had a super hero theme for the party, so that meant games, capes, masks, and cupcakes!  (Ok, most of my parties include most of that as I go completely overboard love to throw parties the boys will remember!)

Some fun pictures from the party -

The cool cupcakes that I wanted to make but ran out of time.  I baked them and my SIL decorated them to my instructions...but she probably did them better than I would have as she is a perfectionist!
The birthday boy making his super-hero symbol with fabric pens.  It was a fun craft for the kids to do and they all loved it.

Everyone had a great time doing a super-hero hunt (to win the capes), decorating their super-hero symbol, doing the obstacle course (to win their masks), getting candy from the pinata and eating hot dogs and cupcakes.

Father's Day was a bit more low key, it was POURING outside so we hung out inside and watched movies and snacked on junk food...perfect day for a ugly day outside.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Birthday!

So today is my birthday!!  I am 31, so now into my 30's and a total new stage of my life.  This is the beginning of my creative, family filled stage and I am looking forward to it...life is good!

Now, I haven't shared this blog with anyone yet, still working on any kind of writing skills I have (remember I am an engineer, we are NOT known for our creative writing skills!) and some other improvements to make this a blog people will want to read.  Even still, I decided to share my birthday wish list with myself...ahahahahah...that sounds so funny.  :D

So my wish list! I want to get more physically active to help set an example for my boys. Munchkin #1, W, loves riding his bike...so I had better get one so I can keep up with him!

This one looks nice and for a reasonable cost, from United Cycle

I also want to improve my creative life by sewing more (more about that later) and making beautiful pictures of my boys and products. To do that I need to take an editing course (which I am now signed up for) and get a better camera.
The Canon Rebel, from what my research says, this is a great camera which is perfect for the recreational photographer.

And I would LOVE to have a Silhouette SD. The things I could make with it and the addition it would make to my future product plans...swoon!

So there is my wish list...I don't ask for much. :D

BUT the thing I would love the MOST MOST MOSTEST is for my munchkin #2 to learn that sleeping through the night is a good thing...a REALLY good thing!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

My First Blog

Wow, here is my first post.  I just want to use this blog to document things that my family does, sewing projects (I'll add tutorials for everyone once I get some photography classes), DIY projects that we attempt (successful or not, steps and costs), the many things I try to cook as I LOVE baking and any other crafty things I attempt. 

Right now we are doing the crazy thing of thinking of moving and changing our careers.  I am going to quit my well paying engineering job to become a stay-at-home mom of 2 boys 3 and under.  I may be crazy but looking forward to it as well. 

Part of our moving, and me staying home, is that we want to simplify our lives.  Right now it feels as though J and I are always running around to try to clean the house, do the yard work, meet extended family obligations, and still try to have some fun with our boys.  It is too much since both of us have full time jobs...and our children aren't even in school or organized sports yet!  So, let the simplifying begin!

These 2 cute boys are the reason we are making these sacrifices (plus there is the whole, can we do it aspect that is a challenge calling our names)!

Meet W and O (or Munchkin #1 and #2)

More to come once we have step 2 further along!