Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Birthday!

So today is my birthday!!  I am 31, so now into my 30's and a total new stage of my life.  This is the beginning of my creative, family filled stage and I am looking forward to it...life is good!

Now, I haven't shared this blog with anyone yet, still working on any kind of writing skills I have (remember I am an engineer, we are NOT known for our creative writing skills!) and some other improvements to make this a blog people will want to read.  Even still, I decided to share my birthday wish list with myself...ahahahahah...that sounds so funny.  :D

So my wish list! I want to get more physically active to help set an example for my boys. Munchkin #1, W, loves riding his bike...so I had better get one so I can keep up with him!

This one looks nice and for a reasonable cost, from United Cycle

I also want to improve my creative life by sewing more (more about that later) and making beautiful pictures of my boys and products. To do that I need to take an editing course (which I am now signed up for) and get a better camera.
The Canon Rebel, from what my research says, this is a great camera which is perfect for the recreational photographer.

And I would LOVE to have a Silhouette SD. The things I could make with it and the addition it would make to my future product plans...swoon!

So there is my wish list...I don't ask for much. :D

BUT the thing I would love the MOST MOST MOSTEST is for my munchkin #2 to learn that sleeping through the night is a good thing...a REALLY good thing!!!

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