Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Munchkin #1's Birthday

It was a busy weekend for the S family!  It was my eldest's 3rd birthday and Father's Day! 

We had a super hero theme for the party, so that meant games, capes, masks, and cupcakes!  (Ok, most of my parties include most of that as I go completely overboard love to throw parties the boys will remember!)

Some fun pictures from the party -

The cool cupcakes that I wanted to make but ran out of time.  I baked them and my SIL decorated them to my instructions...but she probably did them better than I would have as she is a perfectionist!
The birthday boy making his super-hero symbol with fabric pens.  It was a fun craft for the kids to do and they all loved it.

Everyone had a great time doing a super-hero hunt (to win the capes), decorating their super-hero symbol, doing the obstacle course (to win their masks), getting candy from the pinata and eating hot dogs and cupcakes.

Father's Day was a bit more low key, it was POURING outside so we hung out inside and watched movies and snacked on junk food...perfect day for a ugly day outside.

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