Monday, November 21, 2011

Week 4–All About Finishing Gifts and Food


This is my built in, catch up, week!  Sometimes my brain tells me that I have lots of time…it whispers in my ear “Remember that extra week you gave yourself” …well, this time I didn’t listen to it and I am in pretty good shape.  I have basically all my shopping done (just a few things for my own kids and some stocking stuffers) and I still have a couple of things that I have to make, and almost done my baking.  I just have wrapping and some chocolates left to make. 

The big thing I have to get finished is our Christmas card!  I am all about the cheesy Christmas card so I have to set the scene and I need the decorations out for it.  I have some idea’s that I have been seeing on Pinterest that I may copy, most of them are outside so I would just need a couple of things…some examples are (all links to the pictures can be found in my Pinterest Christmas album) -

So cute but my husband would NEVER go for it.

candy canes

Also adorable but my dogs would never go for it!dog and wreath

And I really can’t see my boys letting me do this…in lights

Apparently my family isn’t all that easy to work with!  Haha  I will think of something and get one done soon, might be a project for this week or weekend.

And just to get the panic going for everyone – THERE ARE ONLY 33 DAYS LEFT UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!  (Check out this cool countdown I found on the web -

I have my list getting worked on - I do up a big To Do list that sits on my counter and I look at it everyday and try to get one of those things done each day.  This is on top of the weekly plan of baking, shopping and wrapping, as well as the normal cleaning that I do each day.  Makes me busy when you add any kids activities.  I don’t go to hard on this list as it is usually the more fun things I want to do and I can get most of them done in December after all the other things are done.  This is why I work so hard in November…

How about the rest of you?!?  Are things getting there?  Keep it up, the fun is about to start…next week is decorating and crafts!


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