Monday, November 28, 2011

Week 5–All About Decorating

This is my favorite week!!   (Unless otherwise noted, images found on Pinterest)

xmas decor 3

So how did the first 4 weeks go everyone?!?  They went pretty good for me, but I haven’t got my gifts wrapped yet…that seems to be the hardest thing for me but I have lots of evenings coming up to do that.  I am done my baking and my shopping though, and just have to finish up making my chocolates and a couple of home-made gifts.

Does everyone have their Christmas cards done yet?  I have my envelopes already (except for a few addresses) and I am getting the cards done on the weekend…should be mailed out next week!

Now it is onto my favorite part, decorating!  I try to hold back until Dec.1 to do most of mine but I have been working on a few things while I wait.  I wanted to change things up completely this year but we are going to be moving in the new year so I will wait until we are in the new house to change everything.  This year I am going to do a few new things and repurpose a few of my current decorations, I probably won’t decorate quite as much as I usually do since we are currently selling our house…but who knows what will happen once I get started!  (And I will be doing it all Nov.30 as my kids are at the baby-sitters and out of my way!  I just leave the tree to do with them.)

Some things that I try to do every year with decorating are -

  • Have something Christmasy in every room
  • I hang up tons of stuff up on the walls and doors.  I use to use those door hangers (and still do for some things) but this year I am using command hooks and ribbons.  Looks classier and doesn’t mark up the doors.  I also use Command Strips for things on the walls, you can hang up decorations without holes in the walls and without seeing how the items are hung up.  (Command Brand does not pay me for these opinions but if someone knows how to get me in touch with them I would sure love to be paid!)
  • Put up your advent calendar (more on this tomorrow)
  • Have greenery and flowers and tons of sparkly stuff.

So I don’t have tips for anyone, as decorating is a very personal, just have fun!!

(Here are some inspirational pictures I found on Pinterest)

Fireplace MantalLoft decorxmas decor 4xmas decor 5xmas decorxmas decor2

Notice all the pictures have lots of greenery and red!  Both my favorites for when decorating.  These are all houses I hope to work upto in the coming years.

Have a fun week of decorating!

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