Tuesday, November 29, 2011


My oldest Munchkin and I made our first Christmas craft of the year.  We made a HO HO HO sign, I got the idea after seeing all the Pottery Barn knock-offs -
I didn’t do any of the staining or distressing as I wanted to keep it simple so that my 3 year old could help but I like how it turned out.
I started with some wood letters, paint, glitter paint and some brushes.
Munchkin #1 picked out Red and Green paint and decided that they would have gold and silver glitter paint (I had red and green glitter as well but he said “not right now mom”).  He painted the base colors and I fixed them up and added the glitter coat.
I put gold glitter on the red ones and silver glitter on the green.  You can’t really see it here but up on the wall you can see the lights reflect off it nicely.  Once the paint had dried for 24 hours I hot glue gunned it together (I love my glue gun!) in the arrangement that I liked.DSC03589
I let it cure for a bit and then put more glue on to fill in any area’s that were touching and to strengthen it.
I let it cure for a couple more days…well, I actually didn’t put it up right away as my husband hates it when I decorate before Dec.1.  But it is up now and I really like it!
I used the Command Brand – Picture Hanging Strips and they are fabulous!  (Once again, I don’t get paid to say this…but I would love too as it true!)  You can’t see the strips at all so it just looks like it is attached to the door with no unsightly hooks or door hangers.
I have one more wall hanging that I am excited to make and share with you!  That will be later this week!

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