Sunday, November 27, 2011

Weekly Plan–Week 48

So I have been a bit MIA this week, it was a busy week of finishing baking and getting ready for an open house for our house this weekend.

So here is the weekly plan, I’ve stepped it back up a bit as I was getting lazy with all the baking I was doing but I am done the baking and onto decorating (YAH!) so I can get my cook-on again.  (I also realized I was a week behind on my count, so skipped to Week 48)

Weekly Plan - for posting.xlsx

So here is the plan for this week -

Monday – Making super easy tomato soup following Our Best Bites recipe, along with some yummy home-made buns my MIL sent home with us this weekend.  I have some apples to get ate up so I am going to use the slow cooker to make some stuffed ones.

Tuesday – I am trying to get my youngest to eat more vege’s so I am going to try to make this carrot pudding and see if he will eat that.  (Another slow cooker recipe)  And the chicken recipe is another Best Bite recipe – Spicy Honey Chicken.

Wednesday – Is run around day for me.

Thursday/Friday/Saturday – Are all slow cooker meals

Sunday – We got to go to a kids Christmas Party and see Santa.

Tomorrow I get to start to decorate!  I already made one thing for my walls and plan to make another thing tomorrow…I will also be making an advent calendar tonight for my boys, share more later.

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