Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Advent Calendars

So it is almost Dec.1, the first day for advent calendars, do you have yours done?!?  There are so many great ones out there with such creative ideas!  I am doing a mix of a few of them for my kids this year and I am planning for next year already.

Here are some great examples (All of which can be found in my Pinterest) -

This one is by Silhouette

Advent 2This one is by Kaiser craft, there are lots of examples at – Love is in the Details

Advent 3

I’ve actually got a couple of the Kaiser craft advent calendar’s on order but they won’t come in on time so I am doing something else for this year and will save those for next year.

This one is from A Peek Inside the Fishbowl.

Advent 4

I have started working on an Advent Calendar similar to this one – Maricucu has a tutorial on her blog that explains how to make these.  I just used construction paper, 9x12 sheets, cut in half and they are more than big enough for 2 small chocolates and a paper with an activity on it.

Advent 1

I used the number tags available from 52 Mantels as they are super cute!

advent tags

And I followed some of the ideas from the All Things Simple blog, although I just hand wrote my activities out as I was using up scrap paper.

Advent activities

I also got some ideas from another blog I read, Dragonfly Designs.  She is doing a random acts of kindness Advent Calendar.  I figured that my oldest can do some of those acts now and understand what Christmas is all about.

I put it all together and hung them up beside the kitchen table…I think they look good but I am going to do a bit more to it later.  Here is the pictures of the advent calendar right now -


I think that it turned out pretty good and I am sure the boys will love it!

Did you make an advent calendar?!?

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