Thursday, January 19, 2012

Weekly Meal Plan–Week 4

So far so good, two weeks in a row of meal planning!  This week I want to try a few new recipes, I am trying to get myself out of the winter blues.  I also started exercising every day again after almost 6 weeks of very little exercise (other than yoga)…I will break this winter slump!

Here she is -

Weekly Plan - for posting.xlsx

So the plan is -

Monday morning we are going to make some muffins and get the chicken in the slow cooker (it is skating day).

Tuesday is a simple supper that I am pretty sure the newly picky preschooler and a toddler that lives on a few tablespoons of food a day, it is from Kraft Canada website.

Wednesday is the lazy day, I got some whole grain toaster waffles on sale so we are going to eat those for breakfast and have left overs for supper.

Thursday I have to work (fortunately I work from home) so I can make a nice pot of meat sauce that simmers for most of the afternoon, the best kind.  =)

Friday I am trying a new recipe that sounds interesting…it has bacon so it must be good!  (If it is in fact good I will share the link the next time I have it on my menu plan.)

Saturday is another slow cooker meal.  I’ve made the pulled pork lots before but I have never actually made it into a sandwich, let alone add coleslaw and pickles to it…sounds interesting so I had to try it.

Sunday is pretty straight forward.

I hope that the meal plans help you out just a bit, I know that it helps me keep the sanity in my house!

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