Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January’s Goals

So, since I do not know when our house will sell, and also do not want to sit idle waiting, I have decided to do monthly goals based on my living circumstances, and I will do a monthly wrap up so see how I did.  So these are my goals for January -

  • Clean and organize my pantry…it seriously needs help…I can’t even step into it.  Not being able to step into it is really bad as it is a corner pantry and I am short, kind of makes reaching anything in it difficult and as a result it just gets messier.  (As another note, never again will I willing have a corner pantry, too much wasted space.)

(This picture is from the House of Smiths but I couldn’t find it to make a link)Pantry

  • Get back on track with a cleaning schedule.  This time around I have decided to follow Clean Mama for her Cleaned and Organized 2012 year.  It is supposed to include organizing along with keeping your house clean everyday…worth a try!
  • Get back into meal planning, I took a few weeks off but going to get back on track.
  • Re-cover my kitchen chairs.  I won’t be able to refinish the table and chairs right now, I need warmer weather outside to do that but I can’t stand the seats anymore, so those are getting done!
  • I have 2 rag blankets and a duvet cover to get done for clients
  • I am helping my sister redo my niece’s bedroom, so I have been making a mood board on Pinterest with idea’s from what my niece likes and my sister wants.  (That is also who the duvet cover is for)
  • There are some ties and bowties that I am also making for a couple of clients as well

Wow, not that I have that all wrote out it is a lot…but being busy is good, and I have most of my evenings since my kids go to bed at 7pm.  I CAN DO IT  (:



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