Friday, January 20, 2012

Sewing a Themed Tie



My cute nephew modeling the new tie – he will be a sharped dressed boy at that Mickey’s breakfast.

I realized that I was lacking a few key pictures and tried to get some of another tie I have (as I already gave my nephew the tie).  Some pictures are still missing but comment below any questions you might have and I will try to clarify or add pictures if I need too.

Materials -

1/2 yard of fabric (I used the red and scraps of the polka dot for a contrasting collar)

Coordinating thread (I needed black and red)

Heat’n’Bond Paper

Scrap Fabric to make themed picture


  1. I took a tie of my husbands and measured it on my son for length.  Then I traced it on paper for the length of tie I wanted (Sorry, no pictures - I did this the first time I made a tie, so awhile ago). 
  2. Cut out the themed picture that you want and cute a piece of Heat’n’Bond paper the size of the shape.  I made a Mickey head on paper and then traced that onto some scrap black minky I had and cut out the shape.
  3. Put the themed shaped on your pattern paper that you traced the tie.  Now you will use this to figure out how wide you need to make the tie.  (This tie is wider than normal to fit the Mickey head, but I figured it would fit into the cartoon theme.)
  4. Once the finished tie shape is done I added dashed lines around 1/2 inch away for cutting out the pattern, that is my seam allowance and then cut out the pattern. 
  5. Using pattern, cut out 2 tie shapes.  (If your fabric has a pattern or design then take care to make sure the pattern is the correct direction for the front and back of the tie.)
  6. Also cut 2 rectangles from the fabric (or contrasting fabric) approximately 15”x2”.  (Also watch the direction of the pattern.)DSC03881
  7. Sew the collar pieces together by placing the right sides together and sewing around (using 1/2” seam allowance) and turn right sides out.  Be sure to leave an end open for turning out…and then just keep working at it until you get it through.  =)
  8. Iron the seams flat and top stitch the opening.  You could also top stitch around the collar piece if you want.  I did for the Mickey tie but I don’t always do it (as you will see from the different tie pictures below)…but it would help it stay flat if you wash the tie.
  9. Place velcro on the ends.  (Make sure that you place the pieces on opposite sides of the collar so that it will do up around your neck.)  Now the collar is done.DSC03903 DSC03905                DSC03904
  10. Follow the instructions on the Heat’n’Bond (or similar product).  Basically you place one side of the paper onto your cut out shape (the bumpy side) and place the iron on it until they stick together.       DSC03884
  11. Next you trim the paper so it is the same as the fabric shape and position the shape onto one of the tie sides where you want it (make sure it is on the right side of the fabric – the side that is on the front facing out), removing the paper and hold the iron on it until the shape bonds onto the tie.      DSC03889
  12. Top stitch around the shape so that it stays in place and can be washed.DSC03888
  13. Now place the 2 tie pieces right sides together and stitch together using the 1/2” seam allowance.  Make sure to leave a 2” - 3” opening to turn it right side out.  Also trim the corners before turning right side out so that it lays flatter.
  14. Turn right side out and top stitch the opening closed.  Now the tie portion is complete.

Now you are done the sewing and just need to tie the tie to the collar and you are finished.


I also realize that tying the tie could by fun, I’ve done a few so I figured out how it needs to be done.  Below are some pictures of the knot so that you can try to figure it out, they are of the front of the knot and the back of the knot.

DSC03906   DSC03902

Some basic instructions are to hang the tie over the collar and then wrap the back of the tie around the front and then tuck it in the back to form a half knot.  Then just adjust it so that the collar isn’t too squished and the knot and length of tie look the way you want.  After you have done it once it is easy to do again.  =)


So that is the tie tutorial…how did I do?  Can you understand it?  Does anything need clarification?  Comment below if you have any questions.

I also sell ties if you don’t sew or just don’t feel like making one, you can comment on my Facebook page (or below) or email me.  I can make them with basically any fabric and with most shapes just let me know what you want.  (Prices will vary depending on theme.)

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