Monday, January 9, 2012

Quick & Easy Home Made Coffee Creamer Recipes *Updated*


Ok, I am addicted to sweet and creamy coffee…those darn coffee creamers (and possibly my addiction for Starbucks lattes) have ruined me.  I buy those creamers all the time and just don’t look at the ingredients…not that it matters as I know they are bad since they can last in the fridge for like 3 months.  If you are on Pinterest then I am sure you have seen the home-made coffee creamers being pinned all over the place.  I pinned 2 to try a long time ago and just never got the chance, then a friend of mine made a couple of flavours and share as a Christmas gift.

I’ve tried the Cinnamon and vanilla from this blogger and they were delicious but not quite sweet enough for me.  Plus you actually had to cook them and stuff…I am much to lazy for that.  I am working towards that creamer though as it is much healthier and I never used to want sweet coffee (must get back to just the delicious taste of coffee). 

I also looked at the recipe from this blogger and decided it would be much easier to make and had the sweetness factor.  It was a bit too sweet and not quite creamy enough for me.

Which brings my version of the creamers (and I made 2 flavors).  I swear these taste exactly like the store bought ones but at least you can pronounce the ingredients.  What my little bit of playing has also told me is that anyone can use variations of these recipes to make something that suits their preference, and it really is EASY!

Vanilla Creamer

Equal portions of sweeten condensed milk, coffee cream and milk

1 or more tablespoons of vanilla

Here is the condensed milk with the vanilla on top.


Now with the milk and cream added. 


Then you just shake them up really good and enjoy!


Caramel Macchiato Creamer

Equal portions of sweeten condensed milk, cream and milk

Caramel sauce

1/2 tablespoon vanilla

I put the sweeten condensed milk and then put a layer of caramel sauce on it.  (The Starbucks caramel would be divine but the Smuckers sauce I used tasted just fine.)


Now add the milk, cream and vanilla and shake it up.  (Apparently I had more even condensed milk to milk/cream ratio on this one.)




Now there are ways to reduce the fat in them (in fact I used all of these).  You can buy low fat condensed milk, fat free coffee creamer and use skimmed milk.  As I use these I am going to put a little bit less condensed milk to reduce the sweetness and eventually switch to things like maple syrup.  I am not sure I can take out the cream as I just really like creamy coffee.  =)

I made these while my coffee was brewing…in my Keurig…it was that quick to make these. 


Chocolate Hazelnut Creamer

Equal portions of sweeten condensed milk, cream and milk

1-2 tablespoons of chocolate hazelnut spread (I used PC brand)

Soften the spread up a bit in the microwave, just around 20 seconds.  Add it to the cream mixture and shake up.

This adds a nice flavor to your coffee, I think it is the best as my afternoon coffee drink (decaf for me on a good day) and tastes divine!

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