Monday, October 3, 2011

Meal Plan Monday - Week 39 (leading up to Thanksgiving)

Hi All, so here is week 39.  Pretty simple this week, just a bit of baking and a few ideas for you to search on-line for some pumpkin and apple recipes.

Today is my husband's birthday, so the boys and I are going to bake a small cake and decorate it for him.  And I will make lots of extra un flavored chicken to use the rest of the week...makes suppers super fast escpecially since that is grumpy toddler time for me and it is tough to cook with 2 kids hanging off me.  :)

Tuesday morning marinate the flank steak (which tastes really good and is pretty cheap but you have to make sure you cut it the right way or it can be tough to chew) and bake the pumpkin apple muffins.

Wednesday I decided to do a fun baking thing with the kids and make Apple Pops, which are oreo's decorated to look like apples (but I am sure ours will just look like a mess!)...maybe I will post about the apple pops later this week.

Thursday morning we are going to make pumpkin pancakes as there will be left over pumpkin from the muffins to use up.

Friday I will make pizza dough in the bread maker and the boys and I will make some pumpkin bars (I wills till have pumpkin left over as I bought a BIG can).

Saturday will be get things done around the house day so I planned on left overs and a crock pot meal.

Sunday we will be celebrating Thanksgiving at my Mother-in-Law's.

Have a great Week!

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