Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Christmas Organization


Christmas is probably my favorite time of year, other than the hustle and bustle that it has an annoying way of creating.  Well, over the last few years (basically since I had my first munchkin) I have worked at simplifying Christmas while still keeping it very festive and not so hectic in December.  Nothing is worse then being so busy getting ready, going to parties, spending time with your kids and family, just to get sick for the big day!  So I have a plan that I set in motion the first day after Halloween which enables me to have all my gifts bought, my parties planned, baking done and gifts wrapped I hope that this year I will have my gifts wrapped before Christmas Eve.

As further motivation I am sharing my organizing plan with you so that I will get it all done this year - I will be doing a Christmas special for all of November in which I will share some of my short cuts, favourite recipes and crafts, as well as some things that I plan to do this year to be more environmentally friendly and some home-made gifts to give to friends, host/hostess of parties and co-workers.

Here is the outline to my monthly special -

Week 1 – All about getting Organized   (Oct.31 to Nov.4)

Week 2 – All about Gifts and Giving    (Nov.7 to Nov.11)

Week 3 – All about Food    (Nov.14 to Nov.18)

Week 4 – Finishing Gifts and Food    (Nov.21 to Nov.25)

Week 5 – All about Decorating   (Nov.28 to Dec.2)

Notice how I don’t decorate until December, I love the holiday but hate how it has gotten so commercialized that everyone starts decorating and turning on their lights at the beginning of November…that just makes the holiday’s too long for me and it doesn’t seem so special after that long…but that is just my opinion…

So I hope that my attempt at getting organized early will help you get ready early or at least give you some great idea’s and fun projects! 

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