Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall Table Setting

I haven’t been much into seasonal decorating, for one my husband and I both worked full time so we were never home…didn’t see much reason for doing it.  Then we had 2 boys 21 months apart, there just wasn’t any time to do it during that time AND Munchkin #1 was likely to climb on the table or said surface and “look closer” at it.  (Which would be why our house currently does NOT have any coffee tables, end tables or breakable things)
So I attempted my first table center piece.
The plants are these cute little pepper plants that I just couldn’t resist…and the wheat just screams fall and harvest.

I actually have them facing the other direction on my table but I have big south facing windows and a picture just wasn’t going to happen facing that direction.  But this picture shows my great old extremely old, huge table.  This is from my grandparents, they got it as a wedding present and they were married for 50 years, then my mom and dad had it for almost 10 years when my mom refinished it in this dark color (and white seats on the chairs…yah, seriously still like that and totally disgusting after 2 boys have touched them) and now I have had this table for 6 years.
I am going to be re-doing the table and still trying to decide what to do.  I have the material for the seats and I think that I want to do the table and chairs in white but not sure how much work it is going to be.  I have been looking for inspiration on the web but haven’t found anything yet…I guess the table is about 70 years old and not an antique (in the worth money sense) so I may just take a chance and if I hate it I will have to cough up the dough to buy a new one.  But right now new table on the cheap sounds good to me.
Now to find the time to get started…might just have to bite the bullet and do one chair at a time, one step at a time, until they are ready to be painted.  Then I will just have to take over the garage and take a weekend to just finish them.  I am going to set a goal of starting them next week…after the baby sale and while it is still nice enough for the boys to play outside in the afternoons…yah, I’ll do it then…

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