Monday, September 12, 2011

Meal Plan Monday - Week 36

Below is the first weekly plan I have done up (Yes, it says 35 but is supposed to be 36...oops!).  Generally the food is very child friendly and there is opportunity to make extra's one day to have on another day to cut down the cooking you do.  It may be easier to use this plan for next week so you can do your shopping on the weekend but however you use it is up to you.

So my general plan is to -

Sunday - boil a dozen eggs (about 2 1/2 minutes for a nicely boiled egg), and make jello
Monday - Marinate the chicken in the morning, making extra for soup Tuesday, & pizza
                Make some popsicles (or freeze yogurt tubes for a quick and healthy snack).
Tuesday - Make oatmeal cookies, great to do with kids (I will share this recipe with you this
                Make extra potatoes for the double baked ones Friday, throw in the oven with the
Wednesday - Save some pizza dough to make pizza twists for a snack the next day.
Thursday - Marinate flank steak in morning
Friday - Marinate pork chops in the morning.  Make more cookies or have oatmeal cookies.
Saturday - The Wee Granola is from the Weelicious website and I alter it to have hardly any
                nuts in it as my husband is allergic to most.  This can be made anytime and
               stored for a couple of weeks in a air tight container.
Sunday - I plan to make extra Yams to use for making muffins to freeze for future breakfasts.

Also in the plan this week is to make extra pizza dough to make pizza balls to freeze for quick snacks and lunches.  I am just building up my freeze stores so this first few weeks will have lots of baking and freezing but then it should only be an item a week after a bit of building up.

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