Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Ok, I am probably one of the only people like this out there but I LOVE fall.  I am not a 30 C kind of person and hate to feel hot and sweaty...I don't even like hot tubs for the same reason.  My husband and I got married in the fall (with the colors orange, yellow and red) and I love all the colors - it is when I always get family pictures done.  :)

Some inspiring pictures of fall in Canada -

 I LOVE LOVE LOVE the mountains...I know that we are very lucky to live just a few hours away from them.

This picture has been a favorite of mine for I don't know how long.

More mountians  :)

I hope that everyone has a great fall and enjoys the crisp fresh air!  Soon it will be winter (a month I also enjoy as long as it stays above -15 C) and everyone will be more house bound.

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