Monday, June 4, 2012

Train Party

Right after we moved my youngest O turned 2!  He is a train freak (also big truck, planes and helicopters) but trains were the easiest for me to do with only a couple of weeks to prepare along with unpack stuff.  I think it turned out pretty good!

So here are a bunch of pictures to show the party decorations and food.

IMAG0104     IMAG0117     IMAG0119IMAG0120      IMAG0124IMAG0121    IMAG0125     IMAG0136IMAG0130    IMAG0131IMAG0132    IMAG0133IMAG0134            IMAG0137          IMAG0139     IMAG0146   IMAG0128       IMAG0129

I think that pictures say it all!  We didn’t let O see anything until it was all set up, he was speechless for a minute (not that he says much to begin with – LOL).  A good time was had by all.

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