Friday, May 18, 2012

Quick Pant Patches

So I was recently talking with another mom and she mentioned that she doesn’t sew but does repair lots of clothes as she has 4 girls (so you know there is a lot of hand-me-downs).  She was telling me that she uses those iron on patches and would just put one on each side of the clothing and iron them together…works but they are very stiff and her girls don’t really like it.

I told her that I just use a product called Speed Sew for those kind of patches, much easier than trying to use a sewing machine and it only takes a minute.  She had never heard of it before, so I wondered if there were other people out there that haven’t heard of these kinds of quick and easy products…so I figured I would share.

So here are a pair of O’s jeans (they are a size 1T so impossible to sew on a machine) and they are in good shape other than the hole in the knee. 

DSC03955    DSC03956

All you need to repair these is the holey clothing, fabric for the patch and a tube of Speed Sew.

DSC03957    Cut the fabric big enough to cover the whole.  I also trim the loose threads around the hole to make it look cleaner.


    Coat the edges of the fabric with the Quick Sew, I just put some on my finger and spread it around.

DSC03959Then flip over and press onto the jeans.  Let dry and you are good to go.    DSC03960

I’ve washed these a couple of times and the patch is showing no signs of falling off or anything.  Super quick and easy! 

Did anyone spot the one mistake I did make while repairing these jeans?!?  Yah, I totally put the fabric patch on backwards…doesn’t make a difference on this repair as it is so small you can barely even see the patch but on bigger ones it would look funny.  So make sure to put the Speed Sew on the RIGHT side of the fabric, the side you want to show through!  (-;

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