Thursday, December 8, 2011

J O Y wall art

I finally finished it!  (Warning, lots of pictures!)  It wasn’t hard but paper and I are still learning to get along with each other, and this was only cutting and gluing…nothing fancy like scrapbooking.

It was actually really easy to do but I had to space it out as my 3 year old wanted to help me with it.  I found the J and Y at Micheal’s, they were the size I wanted but they were finished in black…guess I had to paint them with my little helper.

I should have primed them first, the finish did not paint well so it took a few coats (not that my little helper minded). 

I didn’t just want them to be red and green…had to add sparkle!  So I added red sparkles to the red Y and green sparkles to the J.  (I also didn’t want them to be the same so one is stripped and the other is almost all sparkly.)

See, pretty!  (Better in person, more glittery)

For the O I wanted to have something different.  I was going to use a wreath (seen that all over Pinterest) but all the wreaths I had and found were too big.  Then I started seeing the paper wreaths and decided that would work perfectly!  All I needed was a box and scrapbook paper…the cutting was tedious (and I procrastinated) but it didn’t take long to do.

(I was going to use 4 different paper patterns but decided on just 2 in the end.)

I got the glue gun heated up and it only took 5 minutes to get the papers on it.  I didn’t want to have them all at the same angle so I placed the papers one direction for a bit and then switched to the other direction.  (I also made sure that I didn’t do exactly half way so that it wouldn’t be to symetrical)

I made sure to interlace the “leaves” when I started the other direction.

I added some bling to sparkle them up!  Winking smile

I love the finished product!

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