Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Wrapping

I said in the beginning that I was going to either use fabric wrapping paper (which did not happen) and craft paper (which did happen).  I usually hate wrapping presents, and I procrastinate doing the task until the LAST minute.  Last year I wrapped Christmas Eve until 1am…hating every second.  This year I was determined not to leave it that late…and I am one day earlier!!!!!!  But I did enjoy wrapping them this year.

One night I wrapped all the gifts up in the craft paper, and then the next night I prettied them up.  It was funny to see the reaction of my husband and the kids, my husband said it looked a little “UPSish” instead of like Christmas but the next morning when the boys seen the gifts beside the tree they were excited and Munchkin 1 just yelled “Presents”  (Guess the pretty wrapping is just for the adults as kids don’t seem to care!?!)


So definitely a bit boring with just the brown paper.  And some of the gifts were so awkward to wrap, I should have painted the paper before wrapping them but I’ll save that for next year.

Now after a little bit of prettying up -


I did the boys Santa gifts with the same paper and have a little stamp that I am going to use on all the Santa gifts from now until I lose it…LOL


Some of the other packages up close -


I did use some plastic ribbon but otherwise it was all recyclable paper material (mostly tissue paper which is super cheap as well).  I think that they turned out really nice and they have a bit of a natural look to them under the tree.  Definitely going to do it with all presents from now on, it is fun to be creative with them.  (-:

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